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Self-Reg Course

The Shanker Method® 101

For Individual Access
Focusing on the 5 Steps (or Practices) of Shanker Self-Reg®: Reframe, Recognize, Reduce, Reflect, & Restore

This six-session online course intends to build on the Self-Reg Framework 101 learning offering, but can also be taken as a standalone option for those interested in focusing on learning the 5-Step Method of Self-Reg; Reframe, Recognize, Reduce, Reflect, & Restore. This method is really the heart of Self-Reg and builds on the understanding of stressors across the five domains (biological, emotion, cognitive, social, prosocial). This is a great Self-Reg Introductory Course. Explore the modules & content included below.

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Why This Series? Why Now?

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  • 6 Online Modules
  • Self-Paced Video & Reflective Content
  • Discussion Guide Included
  • Flexible Time Commitment
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 1-Year Access

Why? Why Now?

Understanding stressors involved in behaviour and well-being is a huge first step for many, but where to from there? 

This professional learning series, explores the 5 Steps (or Practices) of Self-Reg: Reframe, Recognize, Reduce, Reflect, & Restore. These steps give us the framework not only to understand stress but to reduce it both in the moment and in future occurrences.

Explore the 5 Steps of Practices of Self-Reg

  1. Reframe the Behaviour
  2. Recognize the Stressors
  3. Reduce Stress
  4. Reflect: Enhance Stress Awareness
  5. Restore Energy

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay by another method? 

Absolutely! If you need to pay by another method or need an invoice or estimate for a purchase number, no problem! Reach out to info@self-reg.ca and our team will be happy to help.

Can I register my team for this offering?

We absolutely welcome any group big or small to take part in this learning. Group registration can be found HERE.

Will I get a certificate of completion?

Yes! These are just in development and will be released soon. Once you have watched all the videos, a blank certificate will unlock. You will be able to download and fill in your name and date of completion.

I really enjoyed this offering, where to next?

For anyone looking to learn more about Self-Reg we recommend you register for one of our Level 1 Self-Reg Certificate Programs. More information on our certificate programs can be found here
Meet the Presenter

Susan Hopkins

Executive Director, The MEHRIT Centre 
CEO, Self-Reg Global
In the past two-plus decades, Susan has worked in numerous educational contexts and roles: early years, K-12 and post-secondary, teacher, vice-principal, curriculum developer, and inclusion coordinator.
Patrick Jones - Course author