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JULY 4-15, 2022

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Join Stuart Shanker, Susan Hopkins and Self-Reggers from around the world online to explore Self-Reg Havens in our third virtual symposium. A Haven is not only a place. Havens are nurtured through our actions, through people, our relationships and the spaces held between. In a Haven, everyone feels safe in every way: physically, neuroceptively, emotionally, socially and culturally. In a Haven, Self-Reg frames all and where values come before action plans. Havens are not about perfection, but a social ecology of people – children, educators, staff, families – contributing their strengths and skills in healthy and interdependence-promoting ways. The safety and relationships found in a Haven unlock the child’s potential and learning can occur.

Stuart Shanker says he knows when he is in a Self-Reg Haven within 90 seconds of walking in the front door. Do you? SRSS 2022 will be our deepest dive yet into exactly what that means and give you the spark and direction on how to move every context to a relationship-based Haven. We will explore:
  • Hopes (the science), Hurdles & Hows when nurturing a Self-Reg Haven
  • The 5 all important look fors of a Haven: Safe, Rooted, Balanced, Capable & Trusted
  • The importance of being WIRED for well-being; Wellness, Inclusion, Resilience, Equity & Development
  • How to tackle explosive or disruptive behaviour, staff well-being & morale, happy homes and much more with a Self-Reg, not self-control, lens grounded in neuroscience

Join us at SRSS to learn how you can create a Self-Reg Haven in your school, early years center, home, organization or community!

Tell Me More About SRSS...

  • 14 Luminary Talks 
  • 60 Hours of Live Content Over July
  • 18 Self-Reg TED-Style Talks
  • 8 Facilitated Action Planning Mentoring Sessions
  • Access to Recorded Luminaries, Breakouts & Panels until Aug 31, 2022
  • Certificate

Learn From Stuart, Susan & Your Fellow SRSS Attendees

SRSS this year offers diverse opportunities to learn from Stuart Shanker & Susan Hopkins, our incredible Luminary speakers, TMC Self-Reg Mentors & Facilitator's and your fellow attendees in drop in conversational and planning sessions. You will also hear Self-Reg  Haven stories from around the globe in our Self-Reg TED-style talks. 

Join Us Live or Catch Up Later

Our online symposium format is completely flexible! No need to travel or to be somewhere at a specific time, simply log in and grab the zoom link to join live or catch up with all the recorded Luminaries, Breakouts and Panels until Aug 31, 2022. 


No two Havens are the same, they reflect those who reside within them, including you. Come learn how with daily luminary talks by Stuart Shanker, Susan Hopkins, Taunya Paquette, Lynnita-Jo Guillet, Gerard Costa, Susy Komishin, Chanice McAnuff, Guy Stephens, Paula Jurczak & Jean Clinton. Also join us for some Self-Reg 101 basics, Self-Reg breakouts, facilitated action planning, guided dialogues, Self-Reg TED-style talks, Self-Reg activities and more!