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#ShankerTalks Webinar Series

Moral Development

Join Dr. Stuart Shanker live for the #ShankerTalks webinar series, "Reframing Moral Development," starting August 30th @ 10am EDT. This series, ideal for educators, parents, and community leaders, delves into the true foundations of moral development, good citizenship, peace, and empathy, offering fresh insights for 2024.

Traditional methods of character development, such as assemblies, posters, curriculum integration, and punitive measures, often fall short. To foster genuine moral behavior, we need a comprehensive, science-based approach. By utilizing neuroscience and Self-Reg principles, this series aims to reduce stress, enhance emotional regulation, and foster intrinsic motivation for moral behavior.

The answers may surprise you and the path to the answers will require an open mind as we navigate through the history, philosophy, and the neurobiology of morality. This series isn't what you might expect—it focuses on using science and meaningful discussions to understand and support children and youth.

About These Webinars:

  • 8 live, 75-minute live webinar presentations by Stuart Shanker, followed by interactive Q&A sessions facilitated by Susan Hopkins.
  • Access: All sessions will be recorded for convenient later viewing.
  • Webinars are every second Friday from 10-11:30 am eastern time starting Aug 30, 2024.

Overview of the Webinars

Overview of the Webinars: 
  • Webinar 1: The Decline of Morality - August 30, 2024
  • Webinar 2: The Roots of Morality - September 13, 2024
  • Webinar 3: The Birth of Morality - Date TBC
  • Webinar 4: The Road to Asking Why - Date TBC
  • Webinar 5: The Long Road to Freedom - Date TBC
  • Webinar 6: Freedom and Responsibility - Date TBC
  • Webinar 7: Wrestling with Evil - Date TBC
  • Webinar 8: The Path to A Good Life - Date TBC

Join Stuart Shanker for a transformative webinar series that completely reframes moral development. Here’s what you’ll explore and experience:
  • Reframe Behavior: Learn to view morality and immorality through a new lens, asking "Why?" and "Why now?" to understand underlying causes.
  • Strengthen Relationships: Build stronger, more supportive relationships that contribute to healthy moral development.
  • Support Moral Development: Use practical Self-Reg and neuroscience techniques to nurture moral development in children and youth.
  • Balance and Resilience: Understand the impact of moral development on child and youth well-being, emphasizing balance and resilience.
  • Empathy and Community Growth: Foster empathy and community growth through the reinterpretation of traditional moral stories.
  • Critical Reflection on Freedom and Stability: Examine how personal freedom and stability affect ethical development, encouraging critical thinking.
  • Ethical Awareness and Decision-Making: Facilitate ethical discussions and decision-making using reflective exercises, historical cases, and practical examples to balance personal freedoms and social responsibilities.

Join Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins in these enlightening webinars where we use science and stories to deepen our understanding of the path to healthy moral development in children and youth.

Meet The Presenters

Stuart Shanker

Founder & Visionary, The MEHRIT Centre

Susan Hopkins

Executive Director, The MEHRIT Centre