By popular demand and as follow-up to our TOOLKIT 2024, we are excited to share our newest Toolkit with a focus on the Early Years.

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Table of Content

The Power of Relationships: A Story of Connection in Early Childhood
Moving Beyond Determinism
  • Permissions
  • Reflecting on “That Kid”
  • Reframe the Behaviour
The Interbrain and Self-Reg
  • Cueing S.A.F.E.T.Y
  • Smooth Transitions
  • Ideas for Recognizing Stress (K Westbrook)
  • Reflect - our own self-awareness
Interbrain in Early Childhood Education
  • KIT
  • Co-regulation and the Interbrain
  • Recognize the Stressors (K Richards)
The Triune Brain and Self-Reg
  • SACK
Red Brain, Blue Brain Balance
  • Play - What we can learn from around the world?
  • 50 ways to take a break
Reframing Temperament
  • “W” of the WINDOWs Model
  • 5 Practice Portrait
  • 5 Practice
  • Portrait - Early Years Example

Reframing Attachment
  • “I” of the WINDOWs Model
  • Body Chart - calm/not calm reflection tool
Reframing Personality
  • “N” of the WINDOWs Model
  • 5 Practice Self-Reg Portrait – Example (A Balcomb)
  • What, So What, Now What and Child Development
Unpacking Intelligence
  • “D” of the WINDOWs Model
  • Dos and Don’ts in the learning environment
  • Early Learning Environment Checklist
  • Reframing Intelligence
  • “O” of the WINDOWs Model
  • Developing your Pedagogy
Foundations Building
  • “W” of the WINDOWs Model
  • 5 Practice Self-Reg Portrait - Group Example (K Westbrook
  • Self-Regulation: 5 Domains of Stress
  • Stressors through a Child’s Eyes (L Cesaroni)
  • North Stars and Values
  • Self-Reg Rubric
The Self-Reg ECE
  • Checking in
  • Portrait Development
  • 5 Domain Conversation Starter
  • Thayer Matrix - Early Years examples
  • Havens - 5 Look Fors