Shanker Self-Reg Chronicles: Restoring Resilience

Shanker Self-Reg Chronicles: Restoring Resilience

By Stuart Shanker, Anne Showalter & Susan Hopkins | 2024

*Coming Summer 2024*

Restoring Resilience provides answers to why our children and youth are struggling and strategies for building lasting and true resilience through Shanker Self-Reg®.

Based on new research in the neuroscience of stress and self-regulation and developed foranyone supporting children or youth, this book completely shifts thinking about resilience,stress, and how to care for children and youth with compassion and connection.

Stuart’s groundbreaking analysis of neuroscience research, along with practical examples andreflection tools, will help you to learn:

  • How stress affects the brain
  • How stress manifests in our minds and bodies
  • How the to use the five steps of Self-Reg can build resilience
  • The power and restorative impact of co-regulation.

This book, along with The MEHRIT Centre’s course Enhancing Resilience in Children and Youth will give you the keys to finding calm in yourself and in children and youth, no matter how much stress comes your way.