Building A Better Brain

Where did the 'Stimulation Theory' of child development come from? Why were scientists so preoccupied with 'building a better brain'? Join Dr. Shanker as he gives the Self-Reg perspective on this issue and how it has affected early childhood education and parenting advice over the last 3 decades.
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In this webinar, Dr. Shanker reflects on his experience working with ECE organizations around the world twenty years ago. Everywhere he went, the emphasis was on “stimulating the child”: e.g., with colourful posters and up-tempo music. It was clear that some of the children were benefitting from this sensory influx, and equally clear that a good many were not.

Dr. Shanker looks at where the “stimulation theory” came from: namely, neuroscience and randomized control studies looking to counteract the effects of “under-stimulation” in children from low-income families. The more scientists analyzed this data, however, the more they began to realize that there was a very different factor at play: namely, the impact of excessive stress. And that, we were soon to learn, was a universal phenomenon.
The deeper question here is: Why were scientists, educators, and parents all so preoccupied with “building a better brain”? That is a question that highlights the reason why the paradigm-revolution in which Self-Reg is based is so important.

Topics include:
  • The animal research origins of the Enriched Environments (EE) theory
  • The commercial impact of the EE paradigm 
  • The impact of EE on ECEs and parenting advice
  • Reframing the significance of the “stimulation” research
  • And finally, the relevance of this issue for the universal pre-K programs being considered today in both Canada and the US
Meet the instructor

Dr. Stuart Shanker

Stuart Shanker is the author of the Self-Reg trilogy: Calm, Alert, and Learning: Classroom Strategies for Self-Regulation (Pearson 2012), Self-Reg: How to Help Your Child (and You) Break the Stress Cycle and Successfully Engage With Life (Penguin 2016), Reframed: Self-Reg for a Just Society (UofT Press 2020); and with Susan Hopkins, Self-Reg Schools: A Handbook for Educators (Pearson 2019). In 2012, Stuart founded The MEHRIT Centre as a Self-Reg learning and information centre for parents, educators, the leaders of today, and the leaders of tomorrow.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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